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The CharPOOCHerie

Small Easter CharPOOCHerie Egg

Small Easter CharPOOCHerie Egg

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The perfect Easter treat for your Pampered Pup.

Looking for an Easter basket specifically for your pampered pup?

Our Easter Eggs feature a small bakery treat and eggs filled with an assortment of treats bakery treat. Packaged in a shiny egg, perfect as a special easter treat.

**All CharPOOCHeries boards feature a bakery treat made with human-grade ingredients and a yogurt-based frosting.

Every board is unique but will consist of an assortment of high-quality treats from the list below:

  • freeze-dried beef liver
  • freeze-dried chicken liver
  • freeze-dried chicken hearts
  • dehydrated smelt or minnows
  • dehydrated banana chips
  • dehydrated turkey neck
  • dehydrated cod skins
  • dehydrated chicken gizzards
  • dehydrated chicken feet
  • Fruitables bacon and apple biscuits
  • Old Mother Hubbard grain free Mini biscuits
  • Chicken flavored heart biscuits
  • Ginger-flavored mini bear biscuits
  • Grain-Free animal treats
  • cinnamon rolls biscuits
  • Three Dog Bakery stuffed cookies
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